Enjoy a wonderful, wizarding day out with the kids

The Leavesden film studios have been home to the Harry Potter film series for over 10 years now, capturing numerous famous scenes within their confines. For a unique and exciting day out, why not consider taking your budding wizards along to experience the wonderful world of Harry Potter at its Warner Bros Studio home? We’re sure you won’t be disappointed! Mad about magic If your children are mad about the magic of Master Potter, the Warner Bros Studio tour is sure to be a big hit. The … [Continue reading]

Wine wine glorious wine!

A selection of wine from Virgin Wines from Bespoke Offers

Anyone with small children, or indeed older children will most likely tell you (if they're anything like me) that at the end of a long day be it at work or with the kids a glass of wine is one of life's pleasures.  I feel I've earned the right to a decent bottle these days. However on my many trips to the supermarket I have learnt that it's best to avoid the wine department, or run the risk of the children 'outing' me (Mummy's juice, eek the embarrassment).  It's also expensive when you're … [Continue reading]

Carpets: What Colour Is Right For Your Home?

Trying to choose a new carpet for your home can be a strangely stressful experience.  Carpets tend to be something that you invest in, a long term choice, so you are not purely looking at what you need now but what you also will require in the … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: Chicken Recipe ideas

Perfect Roast Chicken

Chicken Recipes Food dominates our lives in so many ways. It’s not just a matter of feeding families and giving the children sufficient nutrition for their health, it’s also a case of regularly summoning up the imagination to find something … [Continue reading]

The Weekend Box – review

Weekend Box

Picture the scene. It's Saturday morning, you're desperate for a lie in, the children wake up at 6am, as usual, and you sleepily stumble down the stairs and sit with them while they watch TV, your eyes start to close again and you drift off to the … [Continue reading]

The Swatch Original

The Swatch Original Ladies Watch in White

I was asked to review the Swatch Original Ladies Watch in white with a long silicone strap. It's a cute little watch with a strap that doubles round your wrist. It's been years since I had a Swatch, I remember my first one was pretty similar … [Continue reading]

Qualities for Fostering a Child

The basic ability to procreate does not guarantee an innate or natural aptitude for parenting. Some people may find parenthood plain sailing but similarly others struggle. For the vast majority, being a good parent constitutes an inexhaustible … [Continue reading]

The Emirates Monster Kids Pack

The Emirates kids pack features Fly With Me Monsters

I was recently asked to review the new Emirates Monster Kids Pack.  Given that my last flight was with Ryanair, which was such an abysmal experience for my children I was happy to see how a proper airline 'does' kids. Rather well as it turns out. … [Continue reading]

The Mint Velvet Anisa Print Dress

Anisa Print Organza dress from Mint Velvet

As you know if you read my blog I'm a big fan of Mint Velvet. They make clothes that are ideal for someone like me; they are classic but not boring, practical but not mumsy. Perfect for working mums who need to look smart for work but also want to … [Continue reading]

Ugg Slippers

Ugg Slippers Ansley

I remember when I got a pair of Ugg Boots. My friend Jonathan bought them for me for Christmas years ago.  I wore them to death and now almost 10 years later I still wear them when it's cold, inside mostly (they're not really up to public scrutiny … [Continue reading]