Household Appliances that Look Good but Perform Better

This is a guest post featuring some household appliances including American style fridge freezers. 

It’s important that gadgets look good and fit neatly into the design and general look of our homes, but gadgets aren’t just there to please the eye – you can leave that to the ornaments. Gadgets have to perform a function and it’s even more important that they fulfil the task they’re designed for and do it well.

There are a whole host of kitchen gadgets available. Whilst some of them can look a little odd, others follow classic designs and look great in even the most up-to-date kitchen designs. So, what gadgets fall into these categories?


Coffee machines

Coffee machines are a good case in point. They might be thought of as largely an American thing, but they’re becoming increasingly popular over here. Top of the range ‘bean to cup’ models grind whole coffee beans to create the perfect cup, while others use sealed pods or filters to make great coffee from ready-ground beans. They also tend to be sleek, shiny and great to look at.


Smart cookers

You can even get ‘smart’ cookers these days, which come with pre-programmed meals and recipes. The built-in screen will tell you when to add ingredients and how long things should be left to cook for at each stage. There’s also space for you to add your own personal favourite recipes to the database.



Televisions these days boast an increasingly bewildering set of features. Smart TVs can connect to the Internet through your home broadband connection, allowing you to access a variety of apps and browsing features. Many sets are HD and 3D-enabled and advances in technology allow for incredibly thin models, which are ideal for wall mounting.



Can a major appliance like a fridge-freezer be considered a gadget? It’s a big gadget perhaps, but American style fridge-freezers also feature integrated ice and drinks dispensers, allowing you to cool your drink or get freshly chilled water at the press of a button.

Alongside convenience, varied functions and plenty of features, a mainstay of American design is the ‘bigger is better’ approach and free-standing double door models have the capacity to suit all families, regardless of size. You can browse these models and gadgets online by visiting top retailers so for the full range of American fridge freezers visit Co-operative Electrical

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