The Emirates Monster Kids Pack

I was recently asked to review the new Emirates Monster Kids Pack.  Given that my last flight was with Ryanair, which was such an abysmal experience for my children I was happy to see how a proper airline ‘does’ kids.

Rather well as it turns out.  Emirates state on their website that ‘Boredom isn’t an option’ so they have a load of kids orientated entertainment on board.  The kids pack comes in a durable ruck sack, that is very handy for the extra hand luggage you need for children, and features the Emirates ‘Monster toys’ and blanket, a Dr Seuss story book (ideal for short attention span pre-schoolers), an eye mask (hours of fun) and Quicksilver goodies for older children.


The Emirates Kids Pack

The Emirates Kids Pack

The girls loved playing with the Monster toys, Tilly naturally used her’s to hold together Tiger and Movey Bunny (a bunny that moves, it’s far from cuddly but she loves it all the same, bless). While Eliza tied up her pens and pencils.  Frankly anything that keeps children entertained on a flight gets my vote, so I love the Monsters too!

The new monster-themed toys aimed at pre-school children, truly embody the spirit of young globalistas with quirky names from across the globe. The playful monsters – Worzel, Mundy, Grumpel and Furgus each have their own personality traits and hobbies and are ideal travel companions to fuel a child’s imagination.

The Emirates kids pack features Fly With Me Monsters

The Emirates kids pack features Fly With Me Monsters

I have to say that as a family we’d rarely fly to Emirates destinations, (unless they start flying to France and Lanzarote…) but if you do then you’d do well to travel with Emirates. If this kids pack is anything to go by they have a strong commitment to making journeys easier for parents and more fun for children.

The kids packs are available on all Emirates routes and will be issued by the cabin crew.  For more details on Emirates routes check the website



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