The Weekend Box – review

Picture the scene. It’s Saturday morning, you’re desperate for a lie in, the children wake up at 6am, as usual, and you sleepily stumble down the stairs and sit with them while they watch TV, your eyes start to close again and you drift off to the sound of Top Cat.  At some point you realise you’re being jumped on, cushions are being used to build a ‘speed boat’ and the TV has become redundant.  (This has always been my strategy with TV. Make it scarce and they’ll want it more, let them have it and it becomes very dull, it’s working so far).

At this point as you see your living room being turned into a den with all the sofa cushions thrown everywhere, and when you hear the words:

“Come on let’s get our duvets and all the towels…”

You know it’s time to take action. Get up off the sofa (what’s left of it) and do something with them.  This is where Weekend Box is handy.  It’s a package of goodies with a green theme sent to you door with lots of activities to make and do. The one we were sent included:

- Super Strong Salad planting kit (seeds, compost pellets and instructions on how to make a seed tray using an egg box)

-Spice mix to add into the Carrot Soup for which the recipe card is included

-Sock puppet kit

- Patchwork letters idea sheet

-Build a story activity sheet

It also includes glue, but not pencils, pens or anything else for the story or patchwork letters, it’s more about ideas than ‘hardware’.

Weekend Box

Weekend Box

It was started by Andy who created Weekend Box when he was looking for gift ideas for his four nieces and nephews. He couldn’t find anything that embodied the healthy living, green and creative content that he feels is so important to child development.  So he quit his job to start up the business.

We liked it very much, I can see the value in having some new ideas delivered to your door at the weekend, probably best for busy working parents who lack the time to create this stuff themselves.  As a once in a while treat for the kids it’s fine, I probably wouldn’t do it every week as we do a lot of crafts, gardening and general creative stuff ourselves and we generally make use of what we have.

You can find out more at @WeekendBoxClub, or at

Give it a go!

*we were sent a sample Weekend Box to try.

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