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Chicken Recipes

Food dominates our lives in so many ways. It’s not just a matter of feeding families and giving the children sufficient nutrition for their health, it’s also a case of regularly summoning up the imagination to find something different to create with this family staple.

Perfect Roast Chicken

Perfect Roast Chicken



Firstly, try and find a local farm shop or supermarket that specialises in free-range poultry; the difference in taste between these birds and the standard variety is enormous. From barbeques to elaborate Coq au Vin, the chicken is a remarkably adaptable food and there is an enormous selection of chicken recipes online that will match the eating habits of all families.



 Most people who lead very busy lives dream of easy recipes and delicious outcomes. Stuffed chicken breasts can satisfy this demand. First of all collect some herbs, tarragon is always perfect but don’t use too much otherwise it can dominate the meal. Other herbs that will enhance your recipe include a little thyme and some oregano or basil; chop all of these very finely.

Some diced mozzarella is also a good idea as it can absorb all the lovely herby flavours. If you want to add extra spice a few slices of diced chorizo can provide a bit of a zing. Then, slice a pocket in the breast and stuff your mixture into this pocket. Bind the bird with some streaky bacon or prosciutto.

Cover and cook in a moderately hot oven. Remember over cooked chicken can taste very dry so covering the bird is a good way of enclosing all the delicious flavours and juices to keep everything moist.

To accompany this meal you could always have some crusty bread and a fresh salad will be delicious as well as an accompaniment of Mediterranean oven roasted vegetables. These should be heated for 30 minutes in a moderate oven, together with your chicken. This simple, meal is very tasty as well as being ideal for family eating or an adult dinner party.


Other Possibilities

Chicken curries are always popular, as are barbequed legs and thighs. A basic barbeque mix can be made from Worcester sauce, honey, paprika, ketchup and some balsamic vinegar. The cooking time is around 20 minutes but you’ll have to keep on turning the meat to make sure that it doesn’t burn.

The lovely thing about cooked chicken is that even the traditional Sunday roast can be eaten cold in salads or turned into a Coronation Chicken for a picnic.

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