Carpets: What Colour Is Right For Your Home?

Trying to choose a new carpet for your home can be a strangely stressful experience.  Carpets tend to be something that you invest in, a long term choice, so you are not purely looking at what you need now but what you also will require in the future.

Of course, there are also the technicalities to consider, what sort of fibre will you choose, do you need a deep pile, a loop-style carpet, wool or a synthetic design?  Do you know what carpet cleaners to use on your new fibre and how are you going to protect the new carpet?

The importance of colour

Colour is probably the most important decision when choosing your new flooring. A safe option to go for, certainly if you have young children or pets, is speckled beige.  Still light enough to cast the feeling of spaciousness and create an airy environment, but the spotty speckled finish will allow a multitude of sins to occur that won’t ruin the finish.

The colour of the carpet really depends on the room it is sitting within. For a children’s room, a bolder carpet can contrast nicely against a theme wall, so blues and greens may be more appropriate here.  In a playroom, more fun colours like yellow and pink can be forgiven if they suit the accompanying interiors.

Something for the adults

A grown-up games room, with a pool table or bar can afford to really make a statement and a patterned floor or dark, sensuous carpet that will be a conversation starter as well as a foot warmer can work here.

It is important to try lots of samples. Don’t be afraid to decorate the floor with a jigsaw effect of different colours and textures and leave them lying around for a week or so until your eye determines which pleases it most.

At the close of the day, the colour you choose must be something that you really warm to, carpets last a long time and will be there day after day to greet you as you return home from a day at the office. So, make sure you walk into something that makes you smile.


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