Wine wine glorious wine!

Anyone with small children, or indeed older children will most likely tell you (if they’re anything like me) that at the end of a long day be it at work or with the kids a glass of wine is one of life’s pleasures.  I feel I’ve earned the right to a decent bottle these days.

However on my many trips to the supermarket I have learnt that it’s best to avoid the wine department, or run the risk of the children ‘outing’ me (Mummy’s juice, eek the embarrassment).  It’s also expensive when you’re not just buying the gut rot that’s on spesh (say it out loud).

So it was with some delight that this Virgin Wine box arrived from Bespoke Offers. In the old days I did occasionally buy mixed crates of wine and get very excited when they arrived. They didn’t tend to last that long. But this was such a lovely surprise that him indoors and I are taking our time to try them out properly with good food and preferably with good friends.

The box arrived with 10 bottles, a mix of red, white and a cheeky Rose and two lovely Dartington Crystal Red Wine glasses, which was a nice touch from Bespoke Offers.

Some of the wines included were:

- Trois Calices Reserve Coteaux Du Languedoc 2012

- Cal Y Canto Viura Verdego 2012

- Sail Chardonnay 2011

- Attie’s Long Shadow Shiraz Viognier Rose 2011

A selection of wine from Virgin Wines from Bespoke Offers

A selection of wine from Virgin Wines from Bespoke Offers

I think a crate of wine is a thoughtful birthday present for someone who has everything (and likes wine of course!) and I know plenty of people like that. All in all some very interesting wines to explore and we’re very much looking forward to the journey!


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