Carpets: What Colour Is Right For Your Home?

Trying to choose a new carpet for your home can be a strangely stressful experience.  Carpets tend to be something that you invest in, a long term choice, so you are not purely looking at what you need now but what you also will require in the future. Of course, there are also the technicalities [...]

The Swatch Original

The Swatch Original Ladies Watch in White

I was asked to review the Swatch Original Ladies Watch in white with a long silicone strap. It’s a cute little watch with a strap that doubles round your wrist. It’s been years since I had a Swatch, I remember my first one was pretty similar to this but it was blue. They were all [...]

Household Appliances that Look Good but Perform Better

This is a guest post featuring some household appliances including American style fridge freezers.  It’s important that gadgets look good and fit neatly into the design and general look of our homes, but gadgets aren’t just there to please the eye – you can leave that to the ornaments. Gadgets have to perform a function [...]

Surcare Sensitive Skin Laundry

Surcare Sensitive Superconcentrated Gel

I was asked to review Surcare Sensitive Skin Superconcentrated Gel washing liquid and I agreed because Tilly has eczema on the backs on her knees. It always looks far worse than it actually is, but nevertheless it would nice not to exacerbate it with washing powder. Surcare promises not to put anything to their products that will [...]