The Swatch Original

The Swatch Original Ladies Watch in White

I was asked to review the Swatch Original Ladies Watch in white with a long silicone strap. It’s a cute little watch with a strap that doubles round your wrist. It’s been years since I had a Swatch, I remember my first one was pretty similar to this but it was blue. They were all [...]

The Mint Velvet Anisa Print Dress

Anisa Print Organza dress from Mint Velvet

As you know if you read my blog I’m a big fan of Mint Velvet. They make clothes that are ideal for someone like me; they are classic but not boring, practical but not mumsy. Perfect for working mums who need to look smart for work but also want to take the kids to school. [...]

Ugg Slippers

Ugg Slippers Ansley

I remember when I got a pair of Ugg Boots. My friend Jonathan bought them for me for Christmas years ago.  I wore them to death and now almost 10 years later I still wear them when it’s cold, inside mostly (they’re not really up to public scrutiny these days).  I love them.  So imagine [...]