The Weekend Box – review

Weekend Box

Picture the scene. It’s Saturday morning, you’re desperate for a lie in, the children wake up at 6am, as usual, and you sleepily stumble down the stairs and sit with them while they watch TV, your eyes start to close again and you drift off to the sound of Top Cat.  At some point you [...]

The Emirates Monster Kids Pack

The Emirates kids pack features Fly With Me Monsters

I was recently asked to review the new Emirates Monster Kids Pack.  Given that my last flight was with Ryanair, which was such an abysmal experience for my children I was happy to see how a proper airline ‘does’ kids. Rather well as it turns out.  Emirates state on their website that ‘Boredom isn’t an [...]

Children’s Book Review: Jack’s Amazing Shadow

Jack's Amazing Shadow by Tom Percival

Jack’s Amazing Shadow is a beautifully illustrated story by Tom Percival, all about Jack and his best friend who happens to be his rather incredible shadow. But even best friends fall out and when Jack gets the blame for something his shadow has done he decides enough is enough and goes about trying to stop [...]

Surcare Sensitive Skin Laundry

Surcare Sensitive Superconcentrated Gel

I was asked to review Surcare Sensitive Skin Superconcentrated Gel washing liquid and I agreed because Tilly has eczema on the backs on her knees. It always looks far worse than it actually is, but nevertheless it would nice not to exacerbate it with washing powder. Surcare promises not to put anything to their products that will [...]

Leapster GS Review

The Leapster GS

If you’d asked me before I had children if I’d be happy for them to use hand held gaming devices I’d probably have said no; because in my idealistic projection of life with children they wouldn’t be needed, wanted or tolerated. We’d all be constantly making things with old loo rolls and merrily creating hand [...]